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THE Gold Robot

THE Gold Robot

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Video of helmet in action below. 

- This glamorous guy has 772 LED's on his face and powers up off a Standard USB cable (included). Simply slip a USB power bank into your pocket and plug it in. The helmet comes preloaded with 8 animations, but we are always working on new ones. Just pop out the SD card (included) inside the helmet and swap out files to change your animation. When plugged in the animations will start automatically and loop forever, or until your battery dies. Does that mean you could put him up on a shelf in your office plugged into a USB wall wart and he would run forever? yes it does :D.
Want to control Brightness, animations and even fan speed live from a wireless remote(Not included)? Check out our remote listings here

This Listing Includes
1 Gold Robot helmet W' LED's
1 Removable fan
1 SD card loaded with animations
1 USB cable to connect the helmet to power
1 Protective bag
1 Pair of matching gloves

What you'll need
1 USB Battery Bank (we recommend a slim 5,000mAh one so it can be easily hidden in a pocket)
1 Super thin black balaclava to hide your non robotic flesh :p


How long will the battery last?
Short answer - Generally every 1000mAh of your battery banks will give you 1 hour of use. So a 5,000mAh battery = 5 hours
Long answer - As you have control over what animations you play, you're kind of in the driver's seat here. In our tests the helmets each use about 900mA while animating a mostly "on" image. If you run an animation that brings all LEDs to full white at max brightness... Your battery will begin to consume itself with haste :p.

How is the visibility?
Short answer - Considering you're looking through a screen, it's pretty incredible. No problem for general movement as long as you stick to rooms with ambient lighting brighter than the LED's
Long answer - Animations will greatly affect your visibility. Outdoors during the day any animation will be fine; it's like wearing a pair of slotted sunglasses and horse blinders at the same time. For indoor events that aren't dungeon dark, just choose your animation wisely and you'll be fine :). Maybe don't try driving a Segway on a concrete rooftop at midnight while wearing a helmet for a video to promote your LED helmets though... That hurts... ask me how I know...

How is the comfort and fitment?
Short answer - In the world of cosplay, these are very good; Easily worn for hours in a day.
Long answer - If you are aware of possessing a significantly large head, reach out so we can get your measurements and confirm fitment. These helmets are made from a mold, so built to order is not possible but the vast majority of people should have no problem fitting into and wearing these helmets for many hours.

How do I change the animation?
Short answer - Just pop the micro SD card that comes in the helmet and swap out the animation files download off our website (available to you when your helmet ships)
Long answer - We have a video explaining the ins and outs of swapping out graphics. Reach out to us and we will share the link :D

Can I make my own animation?
Short answer - YES! Please do!
Long answer - If you have past experience in video editing or animation just reach out and we will send you a .png Alpha mask template. Just start a new project with 640*360 resolution and place our alpha mask on the top layer. Each dot of color that pops through the mask represents 1 LED. Send me the final video file in a raw uncompressed format and I will convert it into a .PXF file for you. NOTE: if your work is high quality and appeals to a large audience and you are willing to share the resulting file with the community, I will do this for free. If you do not meet these criteria, we can discuss options for completing your animation.

Will you answer any question?
Short answer - Absolutely
slightly longer answer- We put our customers first, and will do what we can to answer any and all questions quickly :)

Thanks so much for reviewing my listing, here's your imaginary and completely plague free high five *^CLAP^* for making it all the way to the bottom.
You're Awesome! Have a great day! :D
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***** Review from our Etsy Store

Absolutely incredible work of art. You're just so stoked to get your hands on this thing and put it on. Willy was incredibly helpful and very communicative throughout the entire process and kept any worries at bay. These folks really went above and beyond, and I can say that I've never made a better purchase on this website and probably never will (Sorry, babe. This outranks the promise ring by just a teeeeeny bit heheh...). They even threw in a pair of gloves to go with the helmet which was a nice touch, although I did buy my own pair out of excitement before it even got here ^^" Regardless, the entire thing is just breathtaking. I've wanted one since I was little and I can finally say that I OWN a DAFT PUNK helmet that freakin' LIGHTS UP! Just look at the thing! (peep the Whataburger in the back) Absolutely phenomenal

Jaden P Oct 2021

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