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We still make the wearables that we are known for.

Our team of 3 brings our products from concept to reality without comprimise. Every product is built to last and we continue to support our customers and products long after the sale is complete. We want our customers to proudly display our products at cons, raves or anywhere that fun loving people like you like to gather.

Wearable Product Catagories

Our Robots

This robotic duo is designed with uncompromising quality in mind. Hundreds of... 


With this design our tiny team prioritized visibility while maximizing the LED... 

Wearable Accessories

Whether it be a remote to sync up all your friends illuminated... 

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  • Design

    Our team is small, but our skills are diverse and complimentary. We design the vast majority of the parts in our products ourselves. From 3D modeled structures and shells to custom circuit boards, our team of 3 can do it all.

  • Quality

    Our products are designed to last, either using materials intended to last for years or designed with modularity in mind so that replacement parts will keep you lighting up the room for years to come.

  • Service

    We believe in customer service and repair service above all. We are firm supporters of right to repair and will do all we can to keep your product working in and out of warranty. We are even happy to share schematics with your local repair shop.