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BeatSync "AAA" Remote

BeatSync "AAA" Remote

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This remote can control every single one of our wireless products :D

That's the beauty of designing our own LED assemblies, Lighting controllers etc. It means we have designed every single one of our wireless LED systems since 2021 to be compatible with this remote.

Entering a dark room and want to turn down the brightness? No problem.

Started dancing hard and you're fogging up? We have a button for fan speed.
Wearing a new outfit and you wish you could make the animations pink? just spin the white disk.
You have more than one of our wearables and you wish the animations would sync up? yep it'll do that too.
Wish your prop(s) would beat in time to the music? That's what this was made for!

The top button under your index finger when you hold the remote in your right hand is the "Tempo" button. Just tap along to the beat and all your props in range of the remote will sync up.

Battery life?
Short answer: Longer than the average night out
Long answer: We ship with a pair of disposable lithium batteries, This will last longer than your dancing legs (probably for many nights in a row). A normal pair of AAA batteries should also easily get you through any night of festivities.

Short answer: Anyone in talking range should receive a decent signal
Long answer: Theoretically its about 100m range Line of sight. In practice we can never really expect line of sight and some helmets (looking at you silver robot) are plated in real metal and only have a small lens to get a signal through. In these situations it's probably a good idea to have the remote within 15 feet of the prop.

What if I go to an event and someone else has has a remote too? will they interfere?
Short answer: Probably not.
Long answer: When you buy a remote, you get the choice of a private or public frequency. If you choose public then your props and remotes will be on the same frequency as every other public remote/prop (flash mob with 20 perfectly synched helmets anyone?). If you have a public frequency and someone else is already broadcasting, why not make a friend and you can take turns controlling the animations :D. if you choose a private frequency then your remote broadcasts a unique code that only your props can understand. Got questions? reach out :D

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***** Review from our Etsy Store

Absolutely incredible work of art. You're just so stoked to get your hands on this thing and put it on. Willy was incredibly helpful and very communicative throughout the entire process and kept any worries at bay. These folks really went above and beyond, and I can say that I've never made a better purchase on this website and probably never will (Sorry, babe. This outranks the promise ring by just a teeeeeny bit heheh...). They even threw in a pair of gloves to go with the helmet which was a nice touch, although I did buy my own pair out of excitement before it even got here ^^" Regardless, the entire thing is just breathtaking. I've wanted one since I was little and I can finally say that I OWN a DAFT PUNK helmet that freakin' LIGHTS UP! Just look at the thing! (peep the Whataburger in the back) Absolutely phenomenal

Jaden P Oct 2021

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