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Circular Rave Glasses

Circular Rave Glasses

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With over 200 LED's, Excellent visibility, hundreds of possible patterns and a 4+ hour battery life, these glasses are made to grab attention... oh and they sync with each other. One remote (optional but not needed) is all you need to synchronize dozens of glasses. These were designed to make you and your crew part of the music.

Want a glimpse into how we made the glasses?

These circular rave glasses are made to party! Our priority was a slim design with maximum visibility and LED count. These glasses are truely wireless with a built in 4+ hour battery(or much longer at lower brightness). For charging, the glasses connect to any USB port with our included magnetic cable on a 360 degree swivel so you can easily and comfortably wear them while plugged in if you need all day battery. The cable is 3feet/1m long, perfect length for hiding behind your ear and reaching a jacket pocket without having too much cable getting in the way. Every pair is designed and manufactured by us in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We are proud of our products, all customers new and old are always just 1 message away from speaking directly with us. Questions, problems or comments, we always like hearing from our customers and we will do all we can to make sure your glasses will run well for years to come.

how does this sync tech work? BeatSync is what we call it. This is what sets our LED tech apart in a crowd. Every single wireless BeatSync Product has a wireless chip that lets you sync them up to our remote and thus synchronize a whole group of devices to move together. One remote can drive countless devices so you only need one remote in your radical rave roost to keep everyone synchronized. Pass it around so your ppl can take turns changing beat timings, animation styles and colors live in time to the music.

Want to keep it simple? No problem. When no remote is in the area, the glasses will loop through all the installed modes with your favorite color showing up most often (this is why we reach out to you for your favorite color after checkout).

How many modes are there? 8 animations ship with the glasses, but with all the color and speed options available there are hundreds of unique combinations, and countless more will be available via free software updates.

Are you locked into the 8 modes that ship with the glasses? No :D.

Every pair of glasses has a micro SD card hidden in it, modes can be swapped out in just a couple minutes with no programming experience required. At launch the glasses will ship with all the available animations already installed. More animations will come available in the coming weeks, months and years. You have our guarantee that new animations will always be compatible with older glasses, so if you pick up a pair today you can keep it up to date with the latest animation releases.

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***** Review from our Etsy Store

Absolutely incredible work of art. You're just so stoked to get your hands on this thing and put it on. Willy was incredibly helpful and very communicative throughout the entire process and kept any worries at bay. These folks really went above and beyond, and I can say that I've never made a better purchase on this website and probably never will (Sorry, babe. This outranks the promise ring by just a teeeeeny bit heheh...). They even threw in a pair of gloves to go with the helmet which was a nice touch, although I did buy my own pair out of excitement before it even got here ^^" Regardless, the entire thing is just breathtaking. I've wanted one since I was little and I can finally say that I OWN a DAFT PUNK helmet that freakin' LIGHTS UP! Just look at the thing! (peep the Whataburger in the back) Absolutely phenomenal

Jaden P Oct 2021

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